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Customer Experience (CX) Forum aims to demonstrate interconnected technologies from interested partners to define a seamless customer journey from the time they think of making a purchase to the culmination into a sale for a retailer.

The showcase is an attempt to bring together the solutions in a way that they complement each other and provide an opportunity to brands and retailers to solve real life problems. Through the cycle across online, mobile, omni-channel and store experiences, it is imperative for retailers to understand how the customer buys and influence her at each stage of the journey. Technology plays an important role in enabling many of the processes.

CX Forum will showcase different technologies interconnected to each other to help retailers and customers alike. For each indicative set of technologies, there will be one solution on display. Some of these are:

// Customer segmentation and analytics
// Identification of customer – IoT, mobile, presence, WIFI, Apps
// Digital signage and endless aisle
// Recommendations – associations, lift, market basket, persona
// User Interface and User Experience – web, app, mobile and instore Visual Merchandising
// Store Layout – Planogramming, Electronic Shelf Edge Labels
// Store Associate enablement – mobile, tab, CRM, endless aisle
// Augmented and Virtual Reality across channels
// Check-out – self checkout, queue busters, POS
// Payment solutions – mobile wallets, digital payments, gift cards, alternative payment options
// Loyalty – coupons, loyalty cards/apps, points accrual and redemption, cashback
// NPS and surveys to assess customer experience

CX Forum Conference Topics

// Most effective tech implementations in fashion
// Curating fashion through data
// From online to offline and back
// Bringing AI to retail
// UI/ UX — the ultimate conquest
// Enhancing supply chain capabilities for greater customer experience
// Leveraging social media for marketing and shopper engagement
// Crafting seamless experiences that blend physical and online stores
// The virtualisation of retail: Tapping the power of VR, AR and other emerging technologies to create immersive brand experiences

// Who Should Attend?

For CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CXOs looking at fresh ideas or suppliers, to benchmark existing practices, to learn from our in-depth conference sessions and Thought Leadership Conclaves, or to network with leading trendsetters, brands and retailers in fashion domain, CX Forum will be an inspiring, exciting platform to attend. Attendees can meet, network and co-develop solutions with the finest retail experience specialists – from leading solution providers in technology, retail design, marketing to visual merchandising and shopfitting experts.

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