CX Forum

Re-inventing the Future of Fashion in a customer -centric era                   


Driven by demand-driven, omnichannel retailing, the Indian fashion and lifestyle industry is undergoing a major transformation to how to best optimise distribution, and improve brand ‘stickiness’ with successful retail promotions and customer experiences. To successfully tackle these challenges, fashion and lifestyle companies need a clear understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour, as well as shopper experiences at every touchpoint.

// Objectives & Benefits

Be it apparel, textiles or lifestyle products (such as sports goods, accessories, bags) fashion brands and retailers need to understand customer preferences, channel-specific shopping behaviour, purchase trigger points and brand experiences across all points of contact with their brand.
The inaugural edition of Customer Experience Forum will cover three broad areas:

// Leveraging Technology to create superior customer experience and loyalty

// Effective cross channel marketing to understand customer behaviour

// Visual merchandising and store design to enhance sales

Comprising two distinct exhibition platforms – Asia Shop and Future Shop – CX Forum will display a 360-degree view of the latest in customer experience enablers – both physical and digital.


// CX Forum Conference Topics

// Decoding a 360-degree perspective of the customer journey
// Multichannel measurement practices to analyse individual touchpoints
// Loyalty 2020: More than a discount card
// Making IoT a reality in retail
// Leveraging RFID, NFC & Beacons to create better customer experiences
// Enhancing supply chain capabilities
// Leveraging social media for marketing and shopper engagement
// Crafting seamless experiences that blend physical and online stores
// Linking virtual shopping & brick-and-mortar via experiential branding
// Who Should Attend?

If you are looking at fresh ideas or suppliers, to benchmark your existing practices, to learn from our in-depth conference sessions and Thought Leadership Conclaves, or to network with leading trendsetters, brands and retailers in fashion domain, CX Forum will be the most sought after platform to attend.
Attendees can meet with the finest in retail experience specialists – from leading solution providers in technology, retail design, marketing to visual merchandising and shopfitting experts.