Assessment Period: Calendar Year 2023 (1st Jan 2023- 31st Dec 2023)

(Single or Multi brand)

You can nominate your business in multiple categories,

as long as it meets the eligibility criteria and aligns with the definition of each respective award category.
Deadline to submit all nominations - 09th February, 2024


Fashion & Lifestyle Retailers having launched a unique design theme/ concept with/for a collection/product/ store design/ VM with an effective communication and retail strategy in any one or more of the following categories:

Menswear western/ Menswear Indian/ Womenswear Western/ Womenswear Indian/ Kids wear/ Jeans & Casualwear/ Active Sportswear/ Innerwear/ Jewellery/ Fashion Accessories/ Footwear/ Any Other Category

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An outstanding marketing & promotion campaign by a retailer in fashion industry using one or more media channels platforms – to connect/ excite/ engage customers in developing new categories/ seasons/ reasons to shop and share experiences – during the calendar year 2024 through print, electronic, outdoor, in-store, Social Media / Digital Marketing Platform (Like me, Tweet Me. Follow Me) that led to market expansion, increased consumer connect/ demand/ footfalls, sales and profitability of the brand.

  • Celebrity Endorsed Campaign
  • Discount Sales Campaign
  • Festival Sales Campaign
  • In-store Campaign
  • Multi-Media Campaign
  • Social Cause Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Store Launch Campaign
  • Seasonal Campaign

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An exemplary innovation in value chain/ distribution and retail channel including fashion & lifestyle ingredients/ garment construction materials/ finishes/ processes/ product/ services by any organization in fashion business. (Fashion Retailer and Fashion Brand can nominate)

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  • Launch of a new brand (Brand debut)
  • Launch of concept store
  • Launch of flagship store

A store launch by a Fashion and Lifestyle brand/ retailer operating in India that attracted industry, media and customer attention for its innovative store launch.

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Sustainable Initiative: A Fashion brand demonstrated a holistic approach that encompasses sourcing, manufacturing, innovation, adherence to standards, environmental impact reduction, supply chain sustainability, and transparent communication of their sustainability practices.

CSR Initiative: A Fashion Retailer’s comprehensive approach in social responsibility practices, demonstrates a robust and multifaceted commitment toward community impact, ethical standards, employee welfare, accountability, and fostering long-term positive effects on society and the environment. (Fashion Retailer and Fashion Brand can nominate)

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A Brand that goes beyond traditional norms and is focused on Diversity and Inclusivity might include:

  • Inclusive Size Representation
  • Adaptive Fashion for Differently-able
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Gender Inclusivity: (Innovative Design Solutions)
  • Representation in Marketing and Branding: (Brands that actively feature diverse models)

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Nominations can be filed by a Fashion Retailers and Brands with own stores with details on following 3 quantitative parameters:

  • New Market Penetration
  • Trading Area Growth
  • Store Count Augmentation

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IFA finalists will present success stories of effective tech implementation in fashion retail showcasing results in terms of enhancing the overall efficiency, customer experience, and competitiveness:
E-commerce Platforms and Online Retail:
Website Development and Optimization: Designing user-friendly, visually appealing websites optimized for mobile devices.
E-commerce Platforms: Implementing robust e-commerce platforms for seamless online transactions.
Payment Gateways and Security: Integrating secure payment gateways and ensuring data protection for online transactions.

Omnichannel Integration:
Unified Inventory Management: Implementing systems that synchronize inventory across various channels, enabling a unified view of stock.
Click-and-Collect Services: Offering customers the option to buy online and collect in-store for convenience.
In-store Technology Integration: Utilizing technology in physical stores for interactive displays, self-checkout, or digital catalogues.

Data Analytics and Customer Insights:
Consumer Behaviour Analysis: Using analytics tools to understand consumer preferences, purchasing patterns, and demographics.
Predictive Analytics: Leveraging data to predict trends, forecast demand, and optimize inventory management.
Personalization: Implementing AI-driven personalization tools for customized product recommendations and targeted marketing.

Supply Chain and Logistics:
Supply Chain Visibility: Implementing systems for real-time tracking and visibility across the supply chain.
RFID Technology: Utilizing RFID tags for inventory tracking and management, reducing errors and improving accuracy.
Automated Order Fulfilment: Implementing automated systems for efficient order processing and fulfilment.

Virtual Try-On and Augmented Reality (AR):
Virtual Fitting Rooms: Integrating AR technology to enable customers to virtually try on clothing or accessories online.
AR-Based Product Visualization: Enhancing the online shopping experience by allowing customers to visualize products in their environment.

Sustainability and Transparency Solutions:
Blockchain for Transparency: Utilizing blockchain technology for transparent supply chains and authenticating product origins.
Sustainable Materials Traceability: Implementing technology to trace and verify the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):
Chatbots and Customer Service: Using AI-powered chatbots for customer queries and support.
Demand Forecasting: Implementing AI algorithms for more accurate demand forecasting and inventory planning.
Image Recognition: Employing AI for image recognition to improve visual search capabilities on e-commerce platforms.

Social Commerce and Influencer Marketing:

Social Media Integration: Leveraging social media platforms for direct sales through shoppable posts or integrating with social commerce tools.
Influencer Collaboration Platforms: Utilizing technology to identify, engage, and collaborate with influencers for marketing campaigns.

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For Presentation-based, and finalists are to make 3-minute presentations to an “On Ground Jury” followed by interaction with jurors and audience on 21-22 Feb 2024 at Conrad Bengaluru. The 3-minute presentations by Finalists can be made via a Video or PPT showcasing their concept, execution, and results/ information asked for in nomination form – specific to Assessment Period Calendar 2023. The AV/ video (to be in 16:9 aspect ratio) to be played in VLC player during the presentation to the IFA Grand Jury on 21-22 Feb at India Fashion Forum 2024.
    Below are the categories for which Presentation to Onground Jury is Required:
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Launch
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Tech Implementation