Raw Space Booths: When Exhibitor sign an Exhibition Space Contract, they agree to abide by all the Rules & Regulations and those set out in this Manual and to ensure that their contractors abide by them. In order to avoid any dispute, you must submit the layout of your booth to the organizer for review and approval. All design proposals must conform to all statutory requirements and those set out in this manual and must include the following:

⇒ Plan view clearly showing all dimensions, walls and major exhibits.

⇒Booth Height cannot exceed 3.5 mtrs height in any case.

⇒ Elevation views, showing clearly all dimensions, graphics, etc.

⇒ Structural calculations / drawings proving structural stability, weight loadings etc.

⇒ Details of material and fire protection. All design proposals and plans are to be emailed, before 15th March 2019, in either PDF or JPEG formats to:

Ms. Gauri Srivastava     Mobile : +91-9873800387     E-mail :

Any modification to the booth design must be submitted for approval again. Booth installations not complying with the most recent plan received by the organizer will not be authorized. The organizer will check all booth installations and will reject those that do not conform to the exhibition regulations. The design of the booth must be such that it can be safely erected and dismantled within the move-in / move-out time available. Please note that exhibitors who fail to vacate the halls in stipulated time will be charged heavily. Please check the move-in & move-out time limits from your Images contact.