Fashion is no longer just about clothes. It is also about the perceived brand ethos and retail addresses. Branding has become an exercise in socio cultural engagement with consumers. Physical locations that reflect demographics’ aspirations and lifestyle choices are as important as the brand ideology. As India evolves into a technology influenced, hybrid consumer landscape, the country’s shopping centres are now showcases of both modern consumer aspirations and the ongoing retailing revolution.
At IFF’s 20Th edition, use the L-Cube launchpad to flaunt India’s most exciting, individualistic shopping centres and retail spaces.

// Who Should Attend?

// Fashion brands, retailers and distributors exploring new territories and markets for expansion.
// Fashion chain stores scouting for appropriate locations in existing/ new territories.
// Business development and location planning heads looking to negotiate shopping centre spaces.
// Retail design specialists and architects scouting for insights/ assignments on planning, zoning and designing modern shopping spaces
// Who Should Exhibit?

Businesses and organisations engaged in the development/ marketing/ management of:

// Shopping Centres & Malls
// Airports, Metro, Railways & Subways
// Hospitals, Institutions, other retail space providers
// Mall Management Companies, Space Managers
// Urban Planners & Civic Authorities
// Food Plazas
// Multiplex Parking Solutions
// Entertainment Platforms
// Real Estate Consultants
// Escalators, Lifts, Conveyors
// Banks & Financial Institutions


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