The 4 Power Nodes

Analytical :: Buy Now :: Compliance :: Digital

// Analytical Fashion

Embedding the practice of analysing in not just operations, but also the world around you – including consumers, social influencers, the supply chain and trends – is critical for any fashion business. The fashion industry has to be driven completely by analysis, not by gut feel.

// Buy Now, Sell Now

The Indian fashion industry typically has had very long cycles. In order to cater to the ‘see now, buy now’ generation, fashion businesses need to be much more responsive and learn to turn around products much faster, compared to the usual cycle times.

// Compliant Trade

Demonetisation has led to a higher degree of compliance in the fashion supply chain in India. In the future, transparency in trade practices will need to be combined with social compliance and environmental compliance, all of which are critical for the growth of sustainable fashion businesses.

// Digital Retail

Be it from a physical store or on an analytics driven online platform, fashion brands need to present themselves seamlessly to consumers on all sales channels. Technology is the biggest ally in the battle to meet the expectations of the digitally-powered fashion consumer.